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Hi everyone!  Today was absolutely beautiful - sunny and hot!  What a day for a flat group run of 7+ miles and a really tough BOOT CAMP!!

The runners started the morning at 8:45AM in the Park and it only took a mile for us to be feeling the heat and heavy air...that is OK...slow it down and you make it through the run and you are better in the Fall!  LOL! Thanks to Kristen (you are doing really great in setting your groove!!), Sue (glad you got to run with Kristen!), Twilite (always speedy) and Booma (the other speedy one!).  Lauri - great work today despite your injury, Kim (glad you listen to your body and you still beat me!!) Kate - awesome job today keeping with the speedy ones! And Margie - any miles are better than none!

Runners please remember that in this heat you MUST SLOW your pace!  It is not worth getting dehydrated, etc. by pushing speed!  Trust me - come Fall you will be flying!

I was so excited to see so many people at Boot Camp today!  We had some newcomers - Mackenzie and Emily!  Great job ladies and I am glad you went for a cold drink with us!!!

Danielle returned for her second BC despite the rain we encountered during the last one!  Kristia and Jess returned after ---hhhmmmm...a really long time away!  So GREAT to see the two of you!!!  True story...they trained with me and the group for their first marathon in 2009 - and when they crossed the finish line they told me they were pregnant - yup - both of them!!!! 

Good to have Matt return and to see his brother Ben (thanks for the iced coffee Ben!!!)  Tori - who I have not seen in forever - joined her Mom and Mike for this one - I think she hates me now!  LOL!  Great work Tori!!!  Oh yes...and Mike .... well, he lied about his name saying he was "Bob" so 20 push ups he did solo!!!  Bad him!

Twilite, Booma, Kim stayed following their run - crazies girls!  LOL!

Erin back from Washington state (YAY!!!) joined us - she brought the newcomers - glad they are friends!!!  Hope they still are tomorrow!!! LOL!!

Kathy (Kat) and Nikki are staying true to their commitment to hard work outs and rocked the BC today!

George and Jane joined in following their biking in the Park! 

Pam was at it again with us - amazing to see the progress she has made and the effort she puts forth!

Gabrielle -as always!!!  So good to see you!!!!!  You rock the squats woman!!!

Marti made it back for her second boot camp and performed awesomely!!!  Wish Liz could joined us!

And last but not least - Ray! 

This was a hard BC!  But everyone did so great!

Thanks for joining me!

See you next time ---- which BTW - is THURSDAY!!!!!

Until then...

Stay Strong

Keep Focused




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Comment by Bethany Titus on July 1, 2013 at 10:59am

Great job everyone! Sad I missed it, but will there this Thursday!

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